Installation and getting started with first app

  • :-)) ok..will do that..

  • Of course you must have an empty first entry, because you create this one outside your loop (line 21 in your original code snippet).

    This is the compactified working version:

    void FancyClass::populate() {
    QStringList headers;
    headers << "Storage Device";

    QTreeWidgetItem *rootItem = new QTreeWidgetItem(ui->treeWidget);
    rootItem->setText(0, "SystemDevice");
    foreach(QFileInfo drive, QDir::drives()) {
        QTreeWidgetItem *driveItem = new QTreeWidgetItem(rootItem);
        driveItem->setText(0, drive.absoluteFilePath());


  • /me is thinking that instead of building a tree like that himself, he would use a QFileSystemModel instead...

  • thanks a lot...I will try with QFileSystemModel too..

  • "The program can't start because mingwm10.dll is missing from your computer.Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem."

    ..i am getting this error when i tried running my application in stand alone mode...any help ??

  • YOu are startin g without QtCreator, right?

    Did you try to search the forum for answers?

    see this "post":

  • yes Gerolf..I searched..everybody says that we need to set the invironment varioables..I did that too but of no use..

  • put the needed dlls beside your exe or set the PATH environment variable to contain the path to mingw10.dll.

  • I have set the PATH environment variable..but it says QtCode4.dll is missing !!

  • QtCode4? what's this? or do you mean QtCore4.dll?
    Then the path to this dll is miossinmg :-)
    You have to add it also.

  • sorry..that was typo..QtCore4.dll is correct..but where will this DLL reside ?

  • you find it inside your Qt installation
    depends which version you installed
    In Qt SDK with Qt 4.7.2, look here:

    <QtSDK Dir>\Desktop\Qt\4.7.2\mingw\bin

  • excellent is working now..but my icons on buttons and Toolbar are missing in standalone application..

  • How did you add them?
    using from the file system or add them to a qrc file?

  • [quote author="Thomas Kennedy" date="1301650049"]excellent is working now..but my icons on buttons and Toolbar are missing in standalone application..[/quote]

    Could be some missing image format plugins. Please look in the forum search for "imageformats plugins", it was discussed recently with some hints about how to resolve this issue.

  • I understood how to create .qrc file..many thanks..

  • i have 7 strings with me..I would like to show them in a text editor line by would i do that ??

  • I have used Insert() method to do that..thanks for no reply :-)

  • now I am showing all my available drives in my Tree widget and upon selection am able to display the total/free size of the drive. Now I want to implement two things..

    1.load icons depending upon the drive type in my tree widget
    2.if it is CD-ROM drive disable the user section

    could somebody guide me on this !!!

  • Again (mentioned this before, I believe), take a look at QFileSystemModel. It does this for you already. If you don't use it yourself, then you might study its source code to find out where it gets the images from. Or, look into QFileIconProvider.

    If you are using QSystemStorageInfo as your data source, then you also know which drives are a CDRom drives. Set the correct flags for those drives, and presto.

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