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QT network programming issue

  • hello,I seek your advice with a technical matter. Iam developing a network app in QT, its a TCP server thats listen on port 1344, the app runs well on windows but its conceive for linux on the server side. Now I have test the app in linux and it does not establish the socket connection, I mean, my server does not get the packets, already disable the firewall, the SeLinux and am log in as root.Iam running Centos 7 inside a VM.the internet connection inside the VM is ok, already test and get the packets well with you know what possible could be the issue or is it a issue with the OS. Thanks in advance.

  • The questions that may help us to understand the problem:
    Are there any messages on a console where your server is running?
    How do you open a listener socket?
    Do you check a result of that operation?
    Is it possible that something else is running on the same port?
    Can you connect to your port from localhost?

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