G_VALUE_INIT was not declared in this scope

  • Hi All,
    I was able to successfully cross compile QT for Power PC but when i did for Fedora Core 13 i got this error:

    qgeopositioninfosource_geocluemaster.cpp:290: error: 'G_VALUE_INIT' was not declared in this scope.

    Is there any way to disable the whole geo location module during QT Configure?

    Kindly let me know.


  • As i was not able to find the soultion for this error, i tried disabling this module by supplying -no-position, -no-location, -no-mobility. But none of them were valid switch. For the time being i removed all the instances (67 lines where QT Location was present) of QT Location. So i was able to remove these errors by ignoring the QT Location module itself.

    As i dont need any location APIs for time being this approach is ok. But kindly let me know what is the best method to resolve this issue.


  • Earlier i got this error in QT 5.3.1 but when i upgraded to QT 5.3.2, i am again getting this error.

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