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Managing development from mulitple locations?

  • Hi -

    I'm beginning a project on which I'll be splitting development time from two locations. I'm sure others have faced this before.

    Does anyone have a recommended method for managing this? I'm wondering whether Qt has some provisions for this, or if I should just carry a flash drive back and forth between the locations.

    Any tips or suggestions are welcome. Thanks!

  • Use some kind of online repository system. That also gives you a good archive of your work, branches, etc. There are many such services. Gitorious, Google code, Assembla, and github come to mind, but I bet a short google search will reveal even more of them.

  • One of these online repositories that actually surprised me was "":

    I found it very easy to work with and it has all the things like wiki, tickets, files area, etc. The project can be public or private and it's quite easy to customise it to your needs.

  • It depends on your use case. If it is a kind of public project, then the mentioned sites (gitorious, google code, etc.) are probably the best solution.

    If it's just you who is collaborating with yourself on two different places/development machines (say workstation in the office and a laptop) and you need just a tool for keeping the sources in sync between this sites, then setting up some source code management system is just sufficient. I recommend looking at "git": and "Mercurial": for this ("Bazaar": could be an option too). In my project we use mercurial. I personally never felt in love with git, but that is truly a matter of taste and the the lack of decent windows support by the time the decision was made (things may have changed recently).

  • Up to now, git for windows is not so bad (for the small amount of git I use).

    If it's for bigger companies without public code, there are also other commercial tools doing this (like ClearCase, SourceSafe etc), but they are expensive. They have their advantages and disadvantages, mostly I think the price :-)

  • Assembla also permits private repositories (also paid, of course). I'm not sure I you can call it expensive. Depends on your needs, I think.

  • I don't know if it will be useful, but I post it anyway...
    When we were working on a project for a university course, we simply used a dropbox folder as a git repository.
    So if you don't want to host your code to a specific site, I suggest you to do this.
    Obviously, if there are many people working on from different locations, it's better to use a project hosting site.

  • I think that that is actually not a bad idea at all, Tupla. If you are just one developer working from two or more locations, then that might work very well. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • If one has a laptop around, even this can serve as the "central" repository. Dropbox or something similar is of course much more comfortable :)

  • Thanks for all the suggestions. This is going to be just me (or predominantly me, anyway). Those services that Volker mentioned sound good, but...I'll have to schedule some time to learn them. I guess it'll wait until I've become more proficient with Qt.

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