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Capture user active window and browser tabs

  • Hello,
    I have been searching for a solution to track user activity. this software i think is using Qt libraries because i have found some dlls: QtCore4.dll, QtGui4.dll in the installation folder.
    I am looking for the exact functionality: track the title of each active window and track each website the user is visiting with support for multiple browsers and tabs.
    Can this be done with QT or i should use a different technology ?
    If yes, is their an example where i can start from ?

  • There was a recent discussion on this forum on how to extract the contents of widgets from a Qt application he had no control over. I think that is relevant to your question, so look it up.

    There is no ready made solution to do this kind of thing though.

  • I have been searching but nothing. I am trying to get the title of other windows, like browsers, editors and track the time spent on each on from a qt application.
    Can this be done ?

  • I think I misunderstood your question at first.

    You want to track what people are doing in their browsers, not in a Qt application. I am sorry, I thought you wanted to instrument a Qt based application.

    Well, the fact that the application you mention does this, implies that it is possible to do. Think however that the application uses platform specific functionality to do it. That is: while the application uses Qt, for this specific functionality, they probably use the windows API's. No part of Qt that I know of has this kind of functionality by default.

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