Calling a function with a objects

  • Hello guys
    I want to call a function which is in a class and this class is in another class meand two classes are nested and the inner class contains on function and i want to use that function in some other class means there are 3 classes one clsss(class a) and two nested classes (class b,c)one in another and the inner class has the function which i want to acess in the 1st class.i am using objects to call the function but its now working means i created object of class b and onject of class c and with object of class c i call the function which needs to call and this claiing is done in class b and then with object of class b i amd clling the function of class b in class a.
    But its not working.and the function which i need to call is used for slots.

    I am doing correct or is there any other method

    Please help guys i really need it.

  • Its like this

    void player::ya()
    display vp;


    void display::p()
    power media;;


    player is a class display is a class and power is class
    vp is object and media is object
    p is function and play is function, ya() is also a function.

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    What is the issue you are facing ? Is it not working ? You are creating stack variables inside each function. Objects go out of scope when the method finish execution.

  • can you bring an example of how the class is looking? how is the inside objects? private, public.. can you post same code?

  • Dheerendra ya its not working, program is running but the function is not working, dont know with those two object it is calling the function or not.However if i go step by step (f10) the cursor is going to that function but still its not working

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    If you can give the complete example, we can check and help you. Also tell us what is the output expected from your program.

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