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Build error but no error message

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    It's not embedding the image, I'm not sure why.

    It's at the bottom right of the screen, but I don't get a message at all. I'm really confused because I just reinstalled Qt.

    EDIT: I am getting this text after I build it:

    @21:34:37: The process "C:\Qt\Qt5.3.1\5.3\mingw482_32\bin\qmake.exe" exited with code 1.
    Error while building/deploying project Twitch (kit: Desktop Qt 5.3 MinGW 32bit)
    When executing step 'Make'@

    EDIT 2:I have fixed my own problem by deleting the make step and remaking it.

    [Fixed link to picture, koahnig]

  • You did not give an alternative text while embedding the picture. I have fixed this for you.

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