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Best way to store downloaded XmlModel in LocalStorage with qml

  • Hey there,

    I am building an Android app. The app should display different text and image contents from the web. Caught via XmlListModel.
    I want to cache these data to give the user the possibility to check the content while beeing offline also.
    What is the best way to do this?
    I found the LocalStorage option which gives me the possibility to access a database via JS, but i am not sure how to ave a model with this plugin.
    Do i have to delegate through my model and then safe it item by item into the db? And how do i save images?
    I am getting the feeling that best way to do the task would be to catch the data in c++ put it in the database and then from qml simply view it.
    What do you think?

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    If you are using xmlListModel, you need to process the model data and store it appropriately localStorage.

    Other good option is to query the data in C++ using network classes and store the data in into xml format itself on the disk. These xml files can be set as source(using xml attribute) for XMLListModel.

  • It would be a really great feature to have something like a cache in Quick / QML.

    I will now open an url with QNetworkAccessManager, then save it in an temp folder, then open it to store it in a sqlite tabel and then again write it to an xml file again, all from c++.

    Is that the right way when i want to save all the data in the app and only update it from time to time with new content via XML?

    is there a way to add items to existing XML documents in qt? So far i only find ways to create a new document.

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    Did you get a chance to look at QDomDocument and it's methods ?

    Also why do you want to store in db ? You can directly store the xml files into disk and access it whenever you want ?

  • The step with the db is only neccessary bcause i was not sure how to add elements to an existing xml document. I think QDomDocument does this job, so i can directly update a xml file. What about images?
    Would you download them and put them in a folder, or is there an easier way with QAbstractNetworkCache, QNetworkDiskCache, QDeclarativeImageProvider? They all seem quite complicated or limited and i think simply downloading images and store them in a folder seems more easy.

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