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Qt statical build

  • I built Qt 5.3.1 statically, when I compile my app and try to run it, I get "QFontDatabase: Cannot find font directory /usr/local/Qt-5.3.1/lib/fonts - is Qt installed correctly?". How to fix that? make install of Qt only makes the error go away, but fonts are ugly and not how they're supposed to be. Ubuntu 14.04 32b

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    Well, I don't have 5.3.1 yet, still using 5.3.0 on my linux system. I do not have a <qt>/lib/fonts directory at all. It feels like that is a directory that may have been added to some font database at some point either by you manually or by Ubuntu.

    It seems like you could take that entry out of the font database as it is not supposed to exist. It sounds like your Qt is installed just fine so that's not the issue.

    QFontDatabase just queries the system to find where it's fonts are stored. It shouldn't cause any issues at all.

    It seems like you have some setup/font issues with Ubuntu though. I'm not really sure where to point you to fix those. I'm a gentoo user and build and configure everything by hand. Ubuntu does it all for you and has their own way of doing things. I would start looking into Qt/ubuntu/font problems on google maybe.

    Anyway if you post a screenshot or 2 so I can see what's going on maybe I can help you more. Not sure though this is definitely an esoteric problem.

  • I think Ubuntu causes problems, as I compile & run my app without problems on Windows and OS X. Screenshot of what would you need?

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    Show me a screenshot of the app with bad looking fonts (the one you did the install on) and a screenshot of the app with normal looking fonts.

    That way I can see what kind of font issues you are dealing with.

    Also, any information about your operating system would be great. What X11 are you using, what window manager, versions of these. Version of Ubuntu.

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