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Builds with 4.7.2 fail if 4.7.1 has been uninstalled

  • Using VS2008 Pro on Vista.
    4.7.1 has an include folder with all the header files for QtGui, QtCore, QtWebkit, etc. needed when building a Qt application. Not there in 4.7.2.
    What should environment variable QTDIR refer to?
    Seems a fundamental flaw - or am I missing something?

  • What are you using? Qt SDK, sources...?

    If building from the sources, don't forget to run configure, it creates all the include wrappers needed.

  • Just using the SDK. I am not trying to build the sources.

  • For the 2008 edition of Visual Studio they provide Qt framework binaries for download, so usually you don't need to build the whole framework.

    But if you really need to build Qt yourself, then i recommend the source files, that way it never failed for me (most of the times using VS2010, but i used 2008 once or twice)

  • Note - I am not trying to build the framework!

    I have a Qt GUI Application, at some point I need to
    #include <QtGui\QApplication>

    But all the header files are removed when you uninstall 4.7.1. They are not reinstalled with 4.7.2 (unless they are hiding)

    All the libs (e.g. QtGuid4.lib) are also missing.

  • OK, here is the explanation. Hope it helps others with the same workflow.

    In 4.7.1, the include folder is at,
    but now in 4.7.2 everything has been moved about, and it is at

    So you need to update your $QTDIR, and update your path to the bin folder which is at the new location in the new QTDIR.

    Also, you will need to update QT Settings in your vs2008 project.
    In Qt/QtOptions/Qt Versions, add the new version and path.
    Then, in Qt/Qt Project Settings/Properties, apply the new version from the dropdown list.

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