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QTCreator does not keep the remote environment when invoking remote make command

  • Here is the scenario:

    • qtcreator being used for generic C++ development(btw this is a major use case) with a custom build system.

    • not using qmake or cmake.

    • In this system, all builds must be done on real target systems which have complete toolchain environment.

    • I have created a kit for custom linux device and the ssh test passes.

    • In custom build step, I specify make on remote node.

    • Execution of my custom build makefile fails because some commands that are being called from the makefile are not found.

    Even when I add the path to the custom command to PATH under Build Environment, make still reports command not found.

    Also, I will need all the aliases to work.

    does the remote invocation include the .bashrc file?

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