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Could not find the executable please find one .

  • Hello,

    I'm trying to run the text editor example in the Qt creator tutorial (a project that combines qt quick , qml and c++)
    but when I want to run the project this error occurs : " Could not find the executable please find one . "

    Can anybody help me to find out the problem ?

  • Qt Champions 2017

    Can you do clean build and try to execute ? Also are you able to create simple Qt Quick Application and run the program ?

  • hello,

    I created a simple Qt quick application before and it worked very well .

    Yes , I made clean -> run qmake -> build -> run, but this didn't work.

    I copied all the project in a new folder and I did the same steps mentioned previously but I didn't solve the problem :( .
    The project contains a plugin I don't know if I have make additional configurations .

  • well actually ,I found out that the build directory of the project was outside the project directory hence I moved it into the project directory.

    When I try to run the project it still says could not find the executable please choose one , but I didn't find an executable in the build-gettingStartedQml-desktop

    The example I'm talking about is located in : examples/quick/tutorials/gettingStartedQml directory.

  • Qt Champions 2017

    You are building the plugin. This is QmlPlugin. This QmlPlugin is used in other project inside the other project. Please look at how QmlExtension Plugins work. This will help you to use the project you are building. Since it is plugin, it asking the executable to run. So don't run the project directly. It is not meant to be like that.

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