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Qt Creator build problem

  • Hi,
    I am trying to set up a working installation of the qt framework in the following way :

    • building qt 4.7.2 statically from source: worked
    • building qwt 6rc5 library statically from source: worked
    • building qt creator 2.1.0 from source: linking problem

    To build qt creator i followed the instructions and ran qmake and make, but the make command failed with the following errors when building qt4projectmanager:

    /usr/local/qt-4.7.2-static/lib/libQtGui.a(qfiledialog.o):(.data.rel.local+0x0): multiple definition of `qt_file_dialog_filter_reg_exp'
    .obj/release-shared/addlibrarywizard.o:(.data.rel.local+0x0): first defined here

    /usr/local/qt-4.7.2-static/lib/libQtGui.a(qfiledialog.o): In function qt_clean_filter_list(QString const&)': qfiledialog.cpp:(.text+0x5060): multiple definition ofqt_clean_filter_list(QString const&)'
    .obj/release-shared/addlibrarywizard.o:addlibrarywizard.cpp:(.text+0x1940): first defined here

    collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    PS: The system is Debian Squeeze.

  • looks like qtCreator defines some functions that are also defined in Qt itself.
    Perhaps building Creator with static Qt is not possible. Especially as QtCreator works with oplugins (only). All plug-ins are dlls. It's not a good idea to link dlls statically to static libs and also binaries to the same.

  • Ok, I did not know that.

    So you imply that I should have a shared versions of qt as well, at least for the time needed for creator to compile.

    Thank you for your help, i will try that.

  • I you compile creator on your own, it should be compiled with a dll version of Qt, yes.

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