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QMake, Windows Intel Compiler, linking to libraries dynamically

  • Im having issues dynamically linking to boost libraries using the intel compiler. Im not sure if this is a QMake and/or intel toolchain issue. I have this line in my .pro:

    "win32:LIBS += "-L$(BOOST_LIBS)" -lboost_filesystem-iw-mt-1_55 -lboost_program_options-iw-mt-1_55 -lboost_system-iw-mt-1_55 -lboost_chrono-iw-mt-1_55"

    The above line generates the following line in the generated make file:

    "LIBS = /LIBPATH:$(BOOST_LIBS) $(BOOST_LIBS)\boost_filesystem-iw-mt-1_55.lib $(BOOST_LIBS)\boost_program_options-iw-mt-1_55.lib $(BOOST_LIBS)\boost_system-iw-mt-1_55.lib $(BOOST_LIBS)\boost_chrono-iw-mt-1_55.lib /LIBPATH:..\com.src.ewir.keystonert.logger\release logger-win32.lib "

    Anyone have a clue why qmake is generating a make file that is using explicit path static linking or even how to do dynamic linking with the intel toolchain on windows?

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