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Debugger always exits with "Debugger finished" [x64 win8.1]

  • I read on stackexchange that it's because I don't have the x64 debugger, which I did find for mingw and linked to it via Tools-Options-Debuggers then pointed to C:\Dev\mingw64\bin\gdb.exe... but nogo on that, and the default 32 bit one doesn't work.

    Do I need to download a x64 bit kit for 5.3.1 or something? A friend told me the 32 bit debugger should work on my system. But I can't get the app to ever open in debug mode.

  • Hi,
    When you install the Qt5.3.1 version with MinGw the debugger comes installed and up and running! IIRC there is no 64bits MinGw version of Qt released yet so that won't work.
    What version of Qt did you install? What compiler did you install??

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