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Qt 5.2.1 Quick 1.1 strange behavior on Android

  • Hello,

    I've observed a strange behavior with an Qt app running on Android.

    I have a Quick 1.1 app that is running on Android, this app is creating a second QDeclarativeView, but not showing it.
    The app ist regularly rendering the second invisible QDeclarativeView (with render() or grab()) into a QPixmap.

    Until now now strange behavior.

    The invisible QDeclarativeView is using a QWidget that is included using a QGraphicsProxyWidget.
    To make the widget available inside a Quick qml file and to add some more functionality, I've created a QDeclarativeItem class.
    The QDeclarativeItem - translated QWidget is registered in as new type.

    @qmlRegisterType<Message>("NewType", 1, 0, "NewType");@

    Now to the problem, when running the app Qt is creating a black rectangle with the size of the NewType item as an overlay on the main ui.

    Currently I could only observe the behavior on Android, on Windows with mingw this doesn't happen.

    If I remove the NewType from the qml file, the problem has gone.

    Are there any known problems with the QGraphicsProxyWidget under Android?
    Could my problem be related to the registration of the new type.
    I have no idea, why the rendering of an second invisible QDeclarativeView has side effects on my first QDeclarativeView that is visible.

    Any ideas are welcome :-)

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