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Windows Binaries

  • Hello all,

    For professionnal purposes we often are due to work with Windows OS. And the binary offer from Qt is quite low regarding this.
    It would be very nice if we could have at least binaries for :

    • MSVC2008 x86 (that is present now)
    • MSVC2010 x86
    • MSVC2010 x64
    • (MSVC2008 x64 ? don't know if it is interresing)

    What is the problem of having such binary release of let's say Qt 4.7.2 ?


  • Well, in any case if you develop, you can take some time (and industrialize) recompiling Qt.
    We have a bunch of scripts to recompile Qt and deploy on local environment.

    Without examples, it takes around 1h30 on an average computer, you can peek at
    for details

  • The list of supported compilers does not change within a minor release of Qt. It is likely that MSVC2010 will be supported and a precompiled package provided with the release of Qt 4.8.0.

    The reason it is missing up to now is that when building optimised code for x64 the MSVC2010 compiler produced broken code. This has been addressed in a MS Hotfix but it is still not applied as part of a VS service pack (as far as I know).

  • By the way, at which compilers do you want to stop?
    People are also using MSVS 2005, dou you suggest to have only 2008 or also 2008 SP1, and for 2005 the same?
    Each of this compilers use different C-runtimes, so they are not interchangable. And same will apply for other compilers and other platforms. That would mean a huge bunch of packages, and each distribution package must be tested...

  • Indeed. I am actually still on MSVC2005 plus SPs since my company won't upgrade us yet. I am happy to simply build Qt for my toolchain though. It's only a one off for each release and I can set exactly the configure options that I like.

    So if your exact combination is not released pre-compiled, just build it yourself.

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