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QtCreator - Designer: implement simplified Qml model to speed up designer interface

  • Hello,
    I am develloping a qml application. I use Qt 4.8.4, and designer 2.8.1
    for the project purpose we develloped several plugins, and Qml Components. We instanciate components inside "Panels". One panel can have moer than 100 componenets and is meant to be displayed on #xFullHDComposite Screen where #is (1;4)

    We use the Designer in QtCreator set the layout but since our component are quite complexes and includ plugins, and many other things thedesigner is slow, but I mean really slow : some time 1min to move one component, or 3 min so display the visual.

    So I was wondering if there is some way to speed this up, for example telling Designer ti ignor some plugins instance, or to have for each models 1 simplified model to be render?

  • I am wondering why the designer is so slow? Are the documents that you edit also that complex? Sub components are handled by the designer "just as normal" components, so the performance should be similar to qmlview or your application.

    To answer your question:

    If it is not too much work I would create a second Qt that contains simplified mockup versions of your plugins. Then you can configure this Qt for the project while you design.

    Another solution for C++ plugins is to check the name if of the application (using QApplication) is qmlpuppet. If yes you do not do any heavy lifting and disable anything that is not required in the designer.

  • Does this happen against an uptodate version? If you can not move to a newer version: Can you describe why you can not move?
    Can you reduce your problem to a share able example?
    The best would be to have a bugreport about your issue.

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