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Pinch and zoom for camera using Qml

  • Hi Guys,

    I am posting my previous question again as i did not get appropriate output with that.
    Here is my requirement.
    1.Start Camera and set capture mode as captureStillImage
    2.I need to set the zoom for camera by pinch and zoom.

    I have tried in various methods but could not get proper output as it works partially.I hope i am having problem with the logic only..
    Here is my code:
    @Camera {
    id: cameraObj
    captureMode: Camera.CaptureStillImage
    VideoOutput {
    id: viewfinderBack
    source: cameraObj
    anchors.fill: parent
    visible: true
    autoOrientation: true
    PinchArea {
    id: pincharea
    anchors.fill: parent
    pinch.target: viewfinderBack
    scale: root.defScale // 0 by default
    pinch.minimumScale: 0.5
    pinch.maximumScale: 4.0

        property  real zoomValue: 0
        property double oldZoom: 0
        onPinchStarted: {
            oldZoom = pincharea.scale
        onPinchUpdated: {
            if(zoomValue < 4.0) {
                zoomValue = oldZoom + pinch.scale
        onPinchFinished: {
            zoomValue = oldZoom + pinch.scale
            if(zoomValue < 4.0) {
                pincharea.scale = zoomValue

    The above code does not exactly sink between pinch area scaled and zoomed. Here up on every pinch start the value goes to default.so i added the previous scale to that.

    Please help me with the solution.Its hardtime for me as i am struggling to get this for longtime.

    Thanks in Advance

    Bala Beemaneni

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