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Let's talk about Qt on Oculus Rift and X-Box

  • I am not sure but a bet those platforms are virgin land for game developers. Those popular game engine like Unity3D are fully compatible for those platforms.
    How about Qt? Qt is basically based on C/C++, It in no doubt has potential for Oculus Rift and X-Box. Could everyone give a word on it, is it possible for Qt to do that? or have everyone tried those platforms?

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    If they do support C++ and OpenGL (or ANGLE), it should be possible. I have not head about anybody even trying it, though.

  • @jiangcaiyang I'm actually looking into this right now. I can't comment on XBox as I've never worked on that platform, but I've finally begun porting all of my engine stuff over to Qt. I had an Oculus demo scene sort of working in OpenGL, but we'll see how that works in Qt. I'm really not too familiar with the Oculus' SDK, and it got updated again. I think the SDK has to be initialized before any window is created, though. This might be a showstopper. The way Unity works, from what I've seen so far, is in Extended Mode. This also requires you to put the game into play in fullscreen, then move the window over to the Rift's display --at least from what I could gather when trying. Since we're using Qt for it's fancy UI capabilities, it's not like we could easily (or even want to) put the editor into a fullscreen mode over in a separate display. Instead, you'd want direct mode where the scene gets rendered both to the Rift's display, and your QOpenGLWidget.

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