QtCreator Debugger does not start

  • I'm using Qt4.8 on RHEL-5, and trying to debug a program thru QtCreator. My system runs my application without any issues from qtcreator. gdb, and ddd are both installed on my system and work fine, but I'd rather work thru qtcreator. But when I try to debug my application from within qtcreator the application output reads:

    Debugging starts
    Debugging has failed
    Debugging has finished

    and I get absolutely nothing else. I had suspected LD_LIBRARY_PATH might be the culprit, but if that was really the issue, then my application would not start, and I've checked and LD_LIBRARY_PATH is being defined by the run environment and its value looks fine. So what else can make the debugger go belly up?

  • Latest QtCreator requires gdb with python support.
    To check if gdb supports python run in gdb
    (gdb) python print('Hello')

  • python is present, but no joy.

    Any other ideas?

    • Are there any messages in the "General Message" or "Application output" message tabs of QtCreator ?
    • What version of gdb do you have ?

  • In the general application output message tab are the unhelpful but accurate words

    Debugging starts
    Debugging failed
    Debugging has finished

    gdb -version returns:

    gnu gdb (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) (7.0.1-45.el5)

  • I'm adding to this post months after I originally posted it, not because I found a solution to this issue, but because I found a solution to this issue when you are running under Windows. To run under Windows you have to separately install cdb.exe which is installed by the Standalone Debugging Tools for Windows (WinDbg). Download it from the link below.
    Midway down the page at this link is where WinDbg is mentioned. The actual file downloaded is sdksetup.exe. cdb.exe, the standalone debugger, gets installed beneath C:\Program Files (x86)\WIndows Kits/8.1/bin on your machine. You only need to install the debugger. I had done this, and was happily using the debugger from within Qt when it suddenly stopped working with the only symptom being that the application window would print:
    Debugging starts
    Debugging has finished
    Now I've discovered what I did that messed it up. The program I was debugging needed some arguments on start up. I had added them in the wrong place. Do not put them in Tools->options->CDB Tab->Additional arguments'. That will keep the debugger from starting! Instead add them to 'Projects'-> 'Run Tab' ->Arguments.

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