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Problems with Qt and system PCRE

  • I'm attempting to build Qt 5.3.1 on Windows using MinGW. I configured with -system-pcre and have pcre 8.32 installed. When it reaches the part where it's attempting to build some of the JavaScriptCore files under qtscript, I end up with issues between the system pcre and the JavaScriptCore version of pcre. The system pcre does not have functions like jsRegExpFree (which is used by RegexJIT.h). Is the code not supposed to build if you use system-pcre? Is there a way to point it to the JavaScriptCore\pcre directory just for this part of the compile or is there a way to get this part of the code to work with the system version of pcre (that does not have functions like jsRegExpFree)? It would be nice if this used the system version or renamed the internal pcre code so that it didn't collide with the system version of pcre. Thanks.

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