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Qt Installer Framework binarycreator.exe fails to write temporary directory

  • This is an odd one and I can not find any info searching here, on the net or in the bug tracker...

    I'm trying to run the QtIFW binarycreator.exe (v1.6.x Juli 19th 2014, x86 flavor) to create an installer on my Windows 7 x64 machine from the command line or Visual Studio. It does create a temporary directory "C:/Users/<MYUSER>/AppData/Local/Temp/Pa1XkO" and also writes files there. Then it tries to build the installer but fails with many messages like
    @Warning: Could not remove folder C:/Users/<MYUSER>/AppData/Local/Temp/Pa1XkO/installer-config: Access denied@
    @create Error-Exception: Cannot open file C:/Users/<MYUSER>/AppData/Local/Temp/Pa1XkO/installer-config/config.xml for writing: Access denied@

    My user has full access to the temporary folder, and I can easily delete the directory binarycreator there. I also have don't have problem with other programs related to the temp folder.

    When running the binarycreator as admin I get no errors, but no exe is built, neither in the temp directory nor the working directory.

    Any ideas?

    Best Regards,


  • Additional Info: I tried changing the %TEMP% and %TMP% environment variable before calling binarycreator.exe and get the same write errors in any other directory I tried. This is e.g. the VisualStudio intermediate directory, so it should really be able to write there...
    I used this build of the QtIFW.

  • Ok. I finally solved the mystery:
    We use the Mircosoft Team Foundation Server as a versioning tool. This MAKES THE FILES AND FOLDERS READ-ONLY. The files are copied to the temp directory that , but can not be written or deleted from there...
    The problem is solved by making the folders/folder writable...

  • Just to comment that the same thing happened to me in all versions of 5.6.0 (online,offline) I tried to install. Also on Win7 64bits. Admin rights not related.

    The fix (thanks OP!) was to change the TEMP and TMP variables from a folder in my user Appdata folder to d:\temp.

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