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How to combine Qt/c++ file with a qml file in one project?

  • Hi everybody ,

    I'm developing a c++ application using Qt and I'm using Qt quick for the design .The problem that I am facing is that I didn't know how to combine a qml file with a c++ file in the same project I mean how to make the link between them ?

    I also want to know haw to apply the signal & slot concept with qml?

    Can anybody help me please ?

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    This is covered thoroughly in "the documentation":

    Basically, there are 3 options:

    • expose C++ class as a QML Singleton
    • add C++ class as a root context property
    • implement a QQuickItem or QQuickPaintedItem in C++ and use it in QML

  • Ok I will try and I hope I could fix the problem .

    Do you yu know why an error occurs when I change the project file name ?

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    No. Please at least provide the error message here and I will try to help you.

  • Ok I actually changed the project file name then when i reopened the project and I pressed run the following errors are displayed :

    D9024:unrecoognised source fil type '....%the previous project file name%', object file assumed
    D9027:source file '....%the previous project file name%' ignored

    C1803:cannot open source file %the previous project file name%' no such file or directory

    I Tried the following solutions:

    1. clean->run qmake-> run
    2. the project file name cantained a space I've changed it to another name of one word(without spaces)

    but the error persists

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    Probably a session problem. Please do this:

    Exit Qt Creator

    Browse to where your project is located

    Delete <your project name>.pro.user

    Start Qt Creator again

    Open your project anew

  • Thanks sierdzio that worked very well !!

    but can you explain for me how did you know that it is a session problem ?

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    It was an educated guess. Qt Creator uses .pro.user files to store local configuration of the project. If you change the name of the pro file wihtout setting up a new session, that file will hold corrupted session info.

  • Ok , Thank you for the clarification.

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