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How to choose a Qt Quick componenet set ?

  • Hello ,

    I'm going to devolop an application using Qt Quick but I didn't know what is the suitable Qt Quick component set to use :

    1. Qt Quick controls 1.1
    2. Qt Quick controls 1.0
    3. Qt Quick 2.2
    4. Qt Quick 2.1
    5. Qt Quick 1.1

    Can anybody explain to me the differences between them ?

    Thanks in advance .

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    Use Qt Quick 2.2 and Qt Quick Controls 1.1. Just use the latest. During project creation you can just select either of these and proceed.

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    IMO, the primary difference is if you want ready-to-use controls set like Pushbuttons, Checkboxes etc.. (complete list "here": like those of Qt Gui, use Qt Quick Controls whereas Qt Quick module provides all the basic types like for eg. Rectangle, Text etc..
    Both can be used independently or mixed with eachother.

    Qt Quick 1.x was introduced in Qt 4.x whereas Qt Quick 2.x in Qt 5.

    So as you can see as Qt4 and Qt5 evolved new features were requested and hence you see the new versions of these components released.

    So finally its better to go with Qt Quick 2.3 and/or Qt Quick Controls 1.1 as you get to use the latest features and which is probably more bugs free.

  • Ok , It became clear now .

    thanks to you .

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