TCPserver unable to read data from socket in windows

  • Hi,

    I have written a code whose functionality steps are:
    1st step:- client (which is an UI) needs to get data from server which in turn needs to get data from a Database. After getting data, Client updates the UI accordingly
    2nd step: Client needs to send data to server which then updates the Database.

    What's happening is Client is getting connected to server and upon receiving the data updates the UI successfully. But after that when client is trying to send data to the server to update the database, server is not reading the data from socket. And then no data is getting exchanged between server and client. And also I tried to get the error, if there is any, using errorstring(); but its not showing any error. One more thing is that same code is working perfectly in Mac, but not on windows. What can be reason for that? Or, i don't have the admin rights on the desktop I am working. Could that be a problem? Server is running locally on my desktop, to which i am trying to connect using IP and Port 1234.

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