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Qt platform / IDE for Mac

  • Hi to all,

    I need and advice about the platform that should be installed on Mac (Snow Leopard 5.10, 64 bit, X-Code installed etc.) to develop at the actual date. The development is done on all the desktop supported platforms (Debian - Windows - Mac) so I have the possibility to check where work and where things are missing or wrong.

    I saw that there are two possible downloads: Qt SDK installer 2.1 "2001-02-28-public" and the same I have installed on ubuntu and windows Qt SDK Mac64 1.1 beta.

    Is best to use the most recent 2.1 and install this version too on ubuntu and windows (to have homogeneous versions) or - as I suppose to be problem-free - the SDK 1.1 beta that I already have on the other platforms ?

    Thank you.

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