How do I make QScrollArea consume available vertical space inside a QVBoxLayout?

  • I have a QScrollArea wrapping a custom widget (with children laid out by a QVBoxLayout), and the QScrollArea is itself laid out by a QVBoxLayout. The wrapped widget is large enough to make a vertical scroll bar appear. Basically the (Python) code is like this:

    layout = QtWidgets.QVBoxLayout(parent_widget)
    form_scroll = QtWidgets.QScrollArea()

    form_widget is a custom widget with children laid out by QVBoxLayout

    layout.addWidget(form_scroll, 1)

    My problem is that the QScrollArea doesn't expand to consume available space in the vertical direction (horizontally it's fine). How do I make it expand vertically?

  • I found the reason, which wasn't evident before the QScrollArea was introduced: I had called addStretch(1) on the layout object, which compressed the laid out widgets (including the QScrollArea).

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