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Qt VS Addin - TCP port 12005

  • Hello!
    I use Visual Studio 2010 Pro with Qt Add-in for Qt 4.8.5
    First time I start VS2010 I get following error message:

    Qt Visual Studio Add-in

    The following error occured:
    Could not connect to Appwrapper. Please make sure that TCP port 12005 is not blocked.

    This happens only the first time I start VS2010 every time I switch on my laptop.
    My laptop firewall is disabled so TCP port 12005 should be not blocked.
    My company firewall is probably blocking this port, this could explain the message.

    Why is Qt trying to connect to this port?
    Can this be disabled?
    Thanks for any information and/or hint.

  • Qt Champions 2017

    Do you have two Qt versions running on your box ? Or 12005 port is used by some other component in your box.

  • I am using VS 2013 and I got a similar message after my last combined WINDOWS and VS update. The only difference: it complained about port 12015. The message appeared once and never again until now. There were no visible problems, so far: build and debugging work just fine.

    Maybe the WINDOWS update closed some ports (as a security feature) and the VS Add-In does not really need them in what I am using of it.

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