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[SOLVED] Legal questions about distributing modified Qt source files and a "custom" build

  • Hi,

    I tried searching the forums for a similar question, but didn't find anything.

    For the past few days, I've been working on cross-compiling Qt 5.3.1 on Linux with MinGW. I've got it working and I'd like to share the result.

    To get the build to go through, I had to modify a few Qt source files. Some of the changes I've made may actually be bug fixes, and I plan on reporting them soon.

    However, in the meantime, I'd like to "distribute" the modified source files to people who are interested in cross-compiling their own build of Qt 5.3.1.

    Most people probably don't want to cross-compile Qt themselves, so I'd also like to distribute a pre-built version (for Ubuntu 14.04).

    So, I have a few questions:

    Modified source files

    1. Can I just put the modified source files on GitHub?
    2. Do I need to include a license file and/or disclaimer?
    3. Is this different if they are patches and not complete files?

    "Custom" build

    1. Can I just put the build on a file sharing service?
    2. Do I need to include a license file and/or disclaimer?
    3. Any recommendations for file hosting with files around 2 GB? :D

    Any help is much appreciated! :)

    P.S. Is it okay to make a how-to on the Qt forums, which will basically be a link to our blog?

  • Moderators

    Yes, you can put those files on github

    Yes, the license text is required

    I am not sure. If the patches are small, you are not required to publish them at all (see Qt LGPL exception)

    Yes, you can distribute your builds

    Yes, the license is required


    A how-to is not only okay, it is a very good idea! :-)

    Regarding Qt bugs you have discovered and fixed: you can report them, sure, but you can also push your patches to the upstream yourself, to make sure the isses are really fixed.

  • Thanks, marking as solved!

    The license text in the source file(s) mentions some of the separate license files (LGPL_EXCEPTION.txt, etc.), so I'll include all of the license files to be on the safe side.

    How-to coming soon. :)

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