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<SOLVED>Qt Designer plugin

  • Hi
    I have developed a Qt Designer plugin that works.
    However, as the plugin code lives in a namespace this is displayed in when Qt Designer is run.
    I read about the 'displayname' attribute that can be set in the domXml method.
    When I use it, however, my custom widget doe not show up in Qt Designer
    Here is my domXml method -
    return "<ui language="c++" displayname="Button Lable">\n"
    "<widget class="ButtonLabel" name="buttonLabel" >\n"
    " <property name="geometry">\n"
    " <rect>\n"
    " <x>0</x>\n"
    " <y>0</y>\n"
    " <width>131</width>\n"
    " <height>121</height>\n"
    " </rect>\n"
    " </property>\n"

    Has anyone any advice on how I can get his to work


    EDIT: I missed a closing xml tag

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