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[Closed]Questions about a viewfinder using system camera

  • Hi, I am going to implement a viewfinder program to view, capture and record video and pictures, using the system camera. Based on the document, I see two approaches, widgets solution and QGraphicView solution.

    1. In widgets solution, I need to use QCamera and QCameraViewfinder (QMediaRecorder and QCameraImageCapture) classes for the implementation. If I want to manually arrange the QCameraViewFinder in the UI form of Qt creator, where can I get the widget symbol? I could not find it in the "Widget Box" of the Qt creator.

    2. In QGraphicView solution, I need to use QGraphicView, QGraphicScene, and QGraphicsVideoItem classes. In this approach, how can I connect the QCamera to the scene ? ( or to the QGraphicsVedioItem?) Should I use other class to represent the camera device?

    Which approach do you prefer? Is there any C++ examples for this kind of project?

    Your help and advice are greatly appreciated.

  • Since I can not read replies for this thread. I mark it resolved and reopen a new thread at:


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