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QGraphicsLineItem line is not at the center of the item

  • I am drawing a QGraphicsLineItem line at the middle of the scene in QGraphicsView .But the lines doesn't appear at the (0,0) It has an offset of 5 pixels from the center on X axis.How do I align the line to be at it's bounds center?

    Here is my code:


    QGraphicsLineItem *scrubber = new QGraphicsLineItem(0,0,0,100);




  • Possible reasons:
    a) x=0 is not in the center of the graphics scene's sceneRect. You may e.g. have an additional horizontal line from x=-5 to x=15 units.
    b) the graphics scene is not displayed in the center of the graphics view.
    c) the graphics view is displayed with a margin.

  • Thanks.But how do I check these things?

  • First, check the QGraphicsView's alignment property.
    Then, read the sceneRect of the QGraphicsScene. If you only added the one line, it should be exactly big enough to hold that line.

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