QAxServer in Python [PySide] [PyQt]

  • Hi All,

    It is my first time here. My name is Kris.

    I would like to know whether either PySide or PyQt supports QAxServer (server-side activeX wrapper).

    QAXServer is under ActiveQT ( It seems to be a pretty powerful tool but in C++. My goal is to be able to embed interactive plotting such as Matplotlib or Mayavi into ActiveX component in MS Excel. And since both are in Python, an ideal case would be Python based ActiveX wrapper. I also looked at wxpython but it only has client-side wrapper (ActiveXCtrl, the equivalent of QAXContainer) and not the server-side wrapper.

    Any suggestions are very welcome. Or perhaps there are other ways to go about it? Many thanks in advance.

    Kind regards,
    Kris Metha

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