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QSerialPort: call waitForReadyRead() in a slot connected to readyRead

  • Hello,
    I do not fully understand if this is legitimate but I use consecutively write, waitForBytesWritten and particularly waitForReadyRead in a slot connected to the signal readyRead().

    The QIODevice::waitForReadyRead() description seems to indicate this is legitimate since
    "readyRead() is not emitted recursively; if you reenter the event loop or call waitForReadyRead() inside a slot connected to the readyRead() signal, the signal will not be reemitted (although waitForReadyRead() may still return true)."

    But the description of QSerialPort::waitForReadyRead seems to contradict the previous description:
    "The function returns true if the readyRead() signal is emitted and there is new data available for reading; otherwise it returns false (if an error occurred or the operation timed out)."

    In my case, this does not work, ie waitForReadyRead returns a timeout error, when the signal and the slot are connected in DirectConnection, but works if they are explicitly connected in QueueConnection.


    1. This "contradict" description also is and for the QAbstractSocket. In principle, nobody understands as it there has to be, since everywhere a behavior is different.

    2. Just do not use waitForXX() inside of slot to avoid of some problems.

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