Menu Navigation - problem with nesting ListModels

  • Hello dear community,

    I have a little big problem with my menu navigation.

    I just wanted to make a navigation using ListModels and one ListView.
    My idea was to change the model of the ListView when an user clicks on a MenuItem.

    For example:

    @ListModel {
    id: mainMenu

    ListElement { title: "Navigation" },
    ListElement { title: "Settings" },
    ListElement { title: "Quit Application" }

    ListModel {
    id: navigationMenu

    ListElement { title: "Google Maps" },
    ListElement { title: "OVI Maps" },
    ListElement { title: "OpenStreetMaps" },
    ListElement { title: "Back to MainMenu" }

    My idea was to determine wether an action should be called (e.g. "start application Google Maps) or if the menu should be updated with another model (e.g.: user clicked on Navigation -> Navigation menu should be displayed: google maps, ovi maps, ...)

    My problem is that I can not use existing objects as property in a model.

    @ListModel {
    id: mainMenu

    ListElement { title: "Navigation", model: navigationMenu },
    ListElement { title: "Settings" },
    ListElement { title: "Quit Application" }

    Qt tells me that it is not possible to call a function within a script or something similiar.
    Therefore I can not create a generic menu function like this: changeMenu(newModel)

    Is there any possibility to have a pointer to an object in qml?
    Or a way to get a specific object? ( getObjectById("navigationMenu")

    Do you have a better idea or suggestions how to implement such a menu?

    Update: I am developing for Android 4.4 with Qt 5.2

    Update2: Just found this thread: I will try to solve my problem with help of this and will respond here

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