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Designer very slow

  • Hello, I'm a french user and I'm sorry in advance for my bad spoken.

    I use the latest version of Qt. Xcode is installed and also the command tool for xcode
    Just by creating an application QML (Hello World for example).
    In "edition" mode, everything works but when I go into "Design" mode, for example when I move a button or something else on the stage, the placement of components is very slow.
    For information, I have three instances (qml2puppet) embarking.
    If people have the solution to be nice.
    Because after three weeks of searching, I despaired.
    best regards

    I have 3 computers :
    iMacs Core i5 8Go Ram Mac OS X 10.9.4 64bits
    MacBook pro core i3 4Go Mac OS X 10.9.4 64bits Fresh Install
    Laptop DualCore 4 Go 32 bits Windows 7 <- This is not my computer devellopement

  • For the moment I install dual boot linux and qt works very well.
    I do all the design linux part and then I transfer the Mac project for the whole game on the code (especially for iOS development).
    I'll wait for the next version of qt.

    Meanwhile better.
    Best regards.

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