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What to do after sdk installation?

  • Hi. I've been using LGPL QT for Windows about 1 year ago. Then, I could download complete sdk (libs+qt creator) in single installer and after standard "next,next,next" installation it was ready to use. Right now, I want to come back to qt, so I've downloaded same (but newer) installation file (qt-sdk-win-opensource-2010.05.exe). After installation I couldn't build any example - over hundred of errors, all similar (unreferenced "imp__..."). I thought that maybe this time I need to build libs myself:
    -qt command prompt
    -configure (ok)
    -mingw32-make (error, there is no moc.exe)

    Can anyone tell my how to start using qt now?

  • I just installed the SDK...

    If you build Qt on your own, I would start with the source zip file and build there, so there ai no intermediate stuff around.

  • But I want to use libs from sdk, I've tried to build manually just because I couldn't compile any example. So it seems that there is something wrong with installation. Any ideas what? I've reinstalled whole sdk few times and still have same error during building example project.

  • did you try to use Qt SDK beta (which includes QtCreator 2.1, Qt 4.7.2, ...)?

  • no, just latest stable version. I will try that later, because installer is pretty big (1.5GB).

  • Use web installer (15 MB)
    then you can select, which parts you need

  • Ok, I've installed "Beta" package and everything is fine now.

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