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Using Nokia components on custom platform

  • Hello,

    I would like to use a number of the "Nokia components": for my own device. The hurdles to doing so are: 1) the source I can find is written for Qt 4 and Qt Quick 1 instead of Qt 5 and Qt Quick 2, and 2) there is a bit of platform-dependent code, making the components only useful for Symbian or Meego platforms.

    The "Qt Quick Controls library": comes with a number of useful components that are platform-independent. However, there are a number of the Nokia components that have not yet been brought over, such as some of the dialogs, the Tumbler, date and time pickers, etc.

    So questions are:

    1. Do you know of any community ports of these components to Qt5?
    2. Have you been able to strip out the platform-specifics and use these components for your own device?


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