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How to start gesture programming in qt

  • i want to create a project VIRTUAL PIANO through gesture ..i have no knowlegde where to start and from which point i should give it a try to start my project..plz help me

  • I think you need to implement OpenCV.
    With OpenCV is possible to obtain forms from images or webcam. It is not easy to use.

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    Can you look at PincArea and MultiPointTouchArea in QML ?

  • hi dhrendra but i cant get u what u r saying...

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    Do you want to write your own gesture or use the existing one provided by Qt like Pinch etc. First look at the Pinch and Pan gestures give by the Qt. You can look at MultiPointTouchPoints and PinchArea items given by QML. Also
    QPanGesture, QPinchGesture, QSwipeGesture, QTapAndHoldGesture, and QTapGesture as given by Qt.

    If you want to write your own guesture look at QGuesture and QGuestureRecognizer classes. You need to subclass from QGuestureRecgonizer and write how do you want recognize the events as guestures.

    Hope this helps.

  • hi dheerendra ,...sir but sir ..i dont have enough knowledge on qt itself ..sir my project is through the use of webcam ...virtual plz suggest some starting way to start my project

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    If your plan is start do the project using Qt, you need to learn Qt and/or QML. Based on this you will be able to move forward with your gesture work. There is no jump start. You need to learn Qt.

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