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[SOLVED]Angry about Qt Online Installer

  • I am crazy about Qt Online Installer. I tried to install Qt with Online Installer, but it alway throws error "unknow time remaining", although my network is fast and i re-download Installer after error. Why Installer not cache/restore downloaded data? Why was not combine all offline installer in one?

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    You might be connected to faulty mirror, try changing it

    For the cache functionality I don't know.

    Why not combine them all ? That would make a file way too big and people don't want to download more than the Qt version they are interested in.

  • What is mirror repository, and how can i change it???

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    A mirror stores files for users to download. There are many mirrors around the world that lets users download Qt files. Unfortunately some of them provide slow download speeds.

    Currently, the online installer automatically selects a mirror for you, based on where you live. Try using this external tool to set a different mirror: (see UserManual.pdf for instructions)

  • Thanks a lot, JKSH!

    After changed the Repository, my connection is very stable and fast.

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    You're most welcome. :) Happy coding!

    Please edit your original post and add "[SOLVED]" to the title, so that other people with the same issue can find the solution more easily.

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