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Input type="file" QWebview

  • I'm using Qt 5.3.1 for msvc 2012 to create an application that has a QWebView. The body of the html file used looks like

    <div id="mainView" ></div>
    <div class="fileinputs" >
    <input type="file" class="file" />

    However the input (Choose File button) is not displayed in the QWebview. All I see is black space where I would expect the button. I have loaded the html file into Google Chrome and the Choose File button was displayed as expected. Why doesn't it show up in my QWebView?

    (FYI, the height and width for mainView are set at 95% and 100% respectively, and the height and width for fileinputs is set at 5% and 100% respectively. The code tag doesn't display this properly.)

  • I figured out what was happening, in an effort to make the QWebview/QWebPage transparent, I was using a palette where the brush was set to transparent. I had also implemented the paintEvent function in my custom QWebView. I only managed to changed the color from white to black, which looked marginally better than white. Once I removed these edits, I was able to see the button.

    Now on to figure out how to have the QWebView blend in with the rest of my application.

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