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Calibrate touchscreen using evdevtouch without X

  • Hi all,
    I have an application in my Linux PC that run in a secondary display in linuxfb platform (/dev/fb1) and the display has a touchscreen.
    I start the application with:
    -platform linuxfb:fb=/dev/fb1 -plugin evdevtouch:/dev/input/event14

    It works fine but I get the pointer not calibrated very well.
    Using X server I can calibrate using xinput_calibrator or something else but it's not for my situation.

    Now I'm thinking about edit the evdevtouch plugin source to abtain the right calibration.

    What do you think it's possible?

  • Hello

    As far as I know, we used "ts_calibrate" with Qt, it works just like "xinput_calibrator" on X, hope this will help

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