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QWebView issue

  • Hi,

    My problem is very simple actually but I couldn't figure out where the problem exactly is.
    Please download my minimal code from the following link: "link to dropbox":

    The code consist of a QWebView and it is loaded to a target webpage on Load. So simple.
    The problem is, when the page is loaded, please try to click on the orange button on the webpage which has a text "Jouw zoekertje, GRATIS PLAATSEN". You will see that QWebView loads nothing for this link. However, if you do the same action on your regular browser, it works and it loads.

    I am guessing that the website excepts something from browser (QWebView) but it returns nothing and I need to implement it. But don't know what it is.

    I'd greatly appreciate your comments on the issue.
    Thanks in advance,

  • What could a website wait for to be loaded successfully? I am thinking of enabling cookies and I did so. But didn't seem working still. Any other things needs to be implemented? Please give me some hints to get this over.

  • All,
    Could anyone please tell me how I can trace request headers when I click on a link on a QWebView? I can see the response headers by receiving finished signal from QNetworkAccessManager but couldn't find the requested ones. I want to compare what is requested and compare it with the ones I receive from Chrome.

  • Guys, could anyone tell me why I got no comment on my question? I am quite sure that many of you have already worked with QWebView and perhaps encountered a similar question.

    I tried the same thing with C# WebBrowser element and it worked perfect there. When the page is loaded, I clicked on the link that I mentioned in my first post and it loaded it. Could anyone help me to analyze what the problem is with QWebView?

  • hello,

    I tried your code on qt 5.3.1, and it works but do you have a proxy on your network?

  • You might want to tell people what version of Qt you are using, this won't even compile in Qt 5.3.x because QWebView is part of webkitwidgets.

  • it complies fine with qt 5.3.1 thats what I used to compile it, you just need to add webkitwidgets to the .pro file

  • Thanks guys. I use 4.8. I will try with 5.3 then.

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