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Simulating user click fails on this specific weblink

  • My target webpage is "click here...":

    You see that there is a button with the text "Jouw zoekertje GRATIS PLAATSEN" with orange background. If you click on this link on your regular browser, it goes to "". That part is fine.

    Now I do the same thing on QWebView in Qt. I think it doesn't matter if it is Qt or any other environment. I believe that it will behave the same. What happens is that, when I load this link to my QWebView, it just doesn't load anything. Something keeps loading but nothing visible comes out. I am thinking that this is a sort of protection of the website. In my application, I need to click on this link programmatically. I have done similar thing so far many times for other links or buttons but non of them works on this target link. Could anyone tell me what could be the problem?

    First I thought that it is because of cookies. I enabled them on my software but still the same.

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