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Debugging horribly slow Qt-Creator 3.1.2, mingw64 with gcc 4.9.1 on windows

  • In general, any break-point set before debugging starts is hit in a timely manner, however if i try to step past that break point to the next line, in particular on any construction or member function of a class in libstdc++6, debugging takes an extremely long time to get to the next line, from within creator. If I launch gdb at the command line, set it to pretty print, then step through my code, gdb executes extremely fast, with no issues what so ever. I have Python 3.4.1 installed and AFIK both creator and gdb are using that version of python. To me, it seems that there is some kind of communication problem between gdb and qt-creator, as creator times out from time to time waiting on gdb to respond. Anyone have a resolution for this issue?

  • If that's a non-Qt-type a possible reason is Qt Creator's pretty printing trying too hard to extract QObject names from types that aren't QObjects but look similar. You could try 3.2 beta which should fix that particular problem.

    If that doesn't help, consider opening a bug report at and attach the debugger log (contents of right pane of Window->Views->Debugger Log) there.

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