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[Symbian] Qt Components

  • Hi,

    Im using QT SDK 1.1 BETA ( Qt 4.72 , Qt Mobilitiy 1.1 ) on Windows 7.

    I checked out Qt components ( git:// ). Succesffullly build it and install symbianplugin.sis on to device. Gallery examples works.

    Many thanks fo any kind of solutions. I just want to use curret Qt Components ( not released yet) in Symbian devices but i want to test that on Qt Simulator aswell.

    Q: Is there any way to use Qt Components in Qt Simulator?


  • i don't have an answer to your post...i'm stuck in the build phase are you building Qt Components for Symbian 3? i tried the following:

    • opened QtSDK->Command Prompt for Symbian 3 (Qt 4.7.2)
    • in the command prompt, typed configure -config symbian3
    • execute mingw32-make (this is where the build fails....)

    Let me know how you built it. I don't think there is a target for the simulator yet...not sure though.

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