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Is there a way to distinguish between programmatic index changes and user selection index changes?

  • I have a QComboBox. I have two use cases. In one use case, the combo box is programmatically changed to have a new index via setCurrentIndex(). In the other use case, the user clicks and selects a new combo box selection with the mouse.

    Both of these use cases trigger the QComboBox::currentIndexChanged(int) signal. This is a major problem for the code I am trying to port. In the old framework (not Qt), a similar callback mechanism would be called only if the user selected an item and not if the index programmatically changed.

    How can I mimic this behavior in Qt?

  • I think you need to combine "void QComboBox::activated(int index)": signal and a knowledge of a current index.

  • Hello,

    maybe when You call setCurrentIndex() You can use "QObject::blockSignals": method to disable emitting the QComboBox::currentIndexChanged(int) signal?

    Here's a little code how to do it:
    pCombo->blockSignals(false); // important to enable signals

    I used this solution some time ago for similar situation and it works perfectly.

    with best regards,

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