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Running C code from QT

  • Hi,
    I have written a C program for curve fitting which I compile on Linux by running 'g++ curve_fitting.c -o fit'. It can be executed by running './fit' in terminal.
    When run, it asks for two inputs (numerical values) from the user via terminal and displays the final output- again through terminal.

    My requirement is to link this code (curve_fitting.c) to QT GUI so that the user will be presented with two boxes where he enters the two inputs. Then the C code should run and display the final output on the GUI. In a sense I want to replace Linux terminal with GUI. Can you guide me please?

  • You can rename your file into .cpp and include it as a part of a Qt project and then call the function from a widget.

  • Sorry for the long delay in responding. I had totally forgotten creating this thread until two days back.

    Gave it a try as you suggested and succeeded with minor hiccups. Thank you. :)

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