Fastest embedded SQL engine for Qt C++ application

  • I have used HSQLDB in java applications. It is extremely fast for a read only database. I am now re-developing that application in Qt C++. I am using sqlite at the moment. So far it has proven to be significantly slower than the HSQLDB implementation. What was sub-second response with HSQLDB takes several seconds to process using sqlite. I have done a lot of research on how to improve the efficiency of my sqlite database but with no significant improvement.

    Is there a better option for C++? I am using the Qt API for the SQL. Is there a better option? I really need to get this from 3-5 second response down to similar performance I had with HSQLDB.

    The table is a simple address table. The user is performing an address search. As they enter letters of the address a list of matches will appear in a QListWidget. As they enter additional letters it will replace the contents of the list with a new smaller list of matches. In the Java application as soon as they enter a new letter the response is almost immediate. In my C++ application I can enter 4 or 5 letters, slowly, before the results of the first letter is displayed.

    I tried creating an index on the street address field but it didn't help. I read that when you use the "LIKE" option sqlite does a direct table scan without using any indexes.

    Is there a better solution? Or is there a way to improve the performance of sqlite?

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    The best thing to do is to show us your implementation of your queries. It's hard to tell where your bottleneck is, otherwise.

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